Is it possible to get good stuff cheap? Not often. Impulse purchases often rest on the thought ‘I bought it because it was so cheap’ and you seldom even enjoy them. It might happen that you suffer from a ‘hangover’ after shopping. Riikka’s training aims to curb unnecessary shopping.

Riikka strives to guide you towards sustainable consumption. It is ok to shop but try to buy rather high quality, sustainable and recycled stuff – and only if you need it. Would a service be a better choice instead of an object?

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In Riikka’s training:

  • You’ll learn to recognise high-quality clothes.
  • You’ll get tips for ecological services.
  • You’ll learn to tune-up, recycle and buy used stuff, and question your old consumption habits.

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Consume with consideration with Riikka

Riikka’s training aims to curb unnecessary shopping.