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Linda’s climate-friendly food

Come with an open mind and enjoy the delicious vegetarian titbits!

Leo’s energy-efficient training

Follow Leo’s footsteps towards energy-efficient living!

Smart mobility with Joosua

Get up and join the fun of low-carbon mobility.

Consume with consideration with Riikka

Riikka’s training aims to curb unnecessary shopping.

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If you want to participate in all four trainings at the same time, click here.

Why is this important?

People are interested in the climate-friendly lifestyle but they may find it difficult to put the idea into practice. It is not always easy to know what to do and where to start. We give help and encouragement through our personal trainer service. Because housing, mobility and food cause the major climate emissions, the focus of the climate training falls on them. Additionally, you can train your consumption habits towards more sustainable consumption. Climate training provides you with advice on how to reduce emissions through quite simple actions. If you are ready to invest more effort in this, our training tips give you even more thorough help and support.

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